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Book - Long Ago Stories Book of stories available now!!
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Long-Ago Stories of the Eastern Cherokee
By Lloyd Arneach

Tragically, relatively little of this flourishing nation and its rich culture have survived. Its stories, however, live on today. In this priceless and engaging collection, native Cherokee and professional storyteller Lloyd Arneach recounts tales such as how the bear lost his long bushy tail and how the first strawberry came to be. Between these legends are historical accounts of the heartbreaking Trail of Tears and of Sequoyah, the man who created a written Cherokee language. Charmingly written and beautifully illustrated by renowned artist Elizabeth Ellison, this book provides an insightful look into the folklore and lives of the Cherokee past and present.

Long-Ago Stories of the Eastern Cherokee





How The Bear Lost His Tail

The Bear Man

The Hummingbird And The Crane Race

Creation Story

How The Deer Got His Antlers

The First Fire

The First Strawberry

The First Tobacco


The Magic Lake Of The Animals

The Milky Way

Why The Mink Smells

Pleiades And The Pine

Why the Possums Tail Is Bare

The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting

The Removed Townhouses


The Smoky Mountains


The Trail of Tears

Why The Turkey Gobbles

Why The Terrapins Shell Is Cracked


Wounded Knee

Can You Hear the Smoke?, Lloyd's CD, is a collection of stories and Native American legends adapted by Lloyd.
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Can You Hear The Smoke?





How The Deer Got His Antlers

- Tells how the Deer got his antlers

Smoky Mountains

- How the Smoky Mountains came to be

The First Tobacco

- It is what is in the heart that matters


- Funny story about a very slow moving man


- Funny story about a personal experience of Lloyd's

Billy Mills (Olympic Champion)

- A powerful story about an Olympic Champion

Wounded Knee

- What happened at Wounded Knee, December 29, 1890

The Vision

- A powerful story of one man's vision


The Animal's Ballgame: A Cherokee Story from the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation (Adventures in Storytelling) by LLoyd Arneach (editor) and Lydia Halverson (illustrator).
Pictures tell the story of how a ballgame between the birds and mammals of the earth gave some common animals their characteristics. Includes text and suggestions for storytelling activities in the back of the book.
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